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The Stoelzle Code of Conduct – our strong commitment to responsibility, respect and sustainability.

“The trust placed in us by employees, business partners and the local population is pivotal for our success. Any form of negligent or short-sighted behaviour could easily destroy this trust. That is why there is nothing more important to Stoelzle than how we act and how we transact our business. We are therefore strongly committed to abiding by our Code of Conduct,” underlines Georg Feith, CEO of the Stoelzle Glass Group.

The Glass Group can only ensure its long-term sustainability as a reliable business partner for Pharma, Spirits, Perfumery & Cosmetics and Consumer clients when each and every employee acts in line with the regulations and international standards in force. In the past, Stoelzle witnessed the failure of large companies that did not pursue a strong policy of compliance. Stoelzle Glass Group therefore place immense value on vigorously encouraging observance of our Code of Conduct.

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