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Production & Sites


Production is the heart of our company. Each day we produce glass packaging of the highest quality for the food and beverage industry at two European production sites.


Stoelzle Oberglas

The headquarters in Köflach founded in 1871 has been a member of CAG Holding since 1987. White and amber glass for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industry is produced at this location. Every year, around 1.5 billion pieces of packaging glass leave our production line. This corresponds to an impressive average daily capacity of around 250 tonnes of glass.

Birdview of production site STO - Austria
Birdview of production site STW - Poland


Stoelzle Wymiarki

The production facility in Wymiarki (Poland) became part of the Stoelzle Glass Group in the summer of 2014. Glass has been produced in this site since 1676. Stoelzle Wymiarki specializes primarily in high quality glass containers for food, candles and other consumer products.

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